Історія журналу

About the Journal

Scientific journal: Founded in 1997.

Founder: Donetsk National University.

Сertificate: КВ No 14285-3256 Р from 2008 June 20

Registration DAK Ukraine:

Decree No 1-05/8 from 2010 December 22 – Mechanics (Phys.-Math. Sciences)

Decree No 1-05/5 from 2010 July 01 – Chemical Sciences

Decree No 1-05/2 from 2011 February 23– Biological Sciences

Decree No 1-05/4 from 2011 April 22 – Information Technology (Technical sciences)

Index of International Registration: ISSN 1817-2237

Branch of science: physical and mathematical sciences (mathematics, mechanics, physics), chemical sciences, life sciences (including ecology), engineering sciences (information technology).

Topics: mathematics, mechanics, physics, chemistry, biology, ecology, computer science.

Abstract database: edition shown in refereed journals and databases VINITI RAS (with placing information about the journal in the international database Ulrich's Periodicals Directory) and reference database "Ukrainika scientific"

The name of the edition in database: Bulletin of Donetsk National University. Series A: Natural Sciences.

Periodicity: 2 times a year.

Languages: Ukrainian, English and Russian.

Reviewing. All articles are reviewed. Reviewers are experienced professionals from all sections of the journal, mostly doctors, professors of research institutions of Ukraine and universities.

Bibliography: Each article has a bibliography, Cyrillic and Latin.

Summaries: Each article contains a summary in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

Authors of articles: Articles are accompanied by information about the affiliations of authors.